Touched by a Book “Does Anyone Really Know Me?”

Touched by a Book:

INSIDE the Book: “Does Anyone Really Know Me?”


A few months went by and mom was getting worse, going in and out of the hospital.  I had not heard from Lonz in a while, but then I received the news.  Lonz had killed himself with a gunshot to the head while sitting in a closet.  Now I was really tripping out.  First it was Duffy’s sister’s boyfriend, then the guy that lived at the apartments and the kid I used to talk to, then Duffy, and now Lonz was gone too.  How and why was this happening?  What in the heck was going on?  I know I had been depressed, but why was everyone I knew and cared about dying, instead of being driven, as I was, with dreams or a hope for a better life?  Well, I came to understand all of those questions, and some of those questions I have just recently understood.  I understand there can be mental issues and depression issues, but God said we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and rulers of darkness.  Whether you wish to believe it or not, there are evil spirits sent by the devil that throw in your face all of your failures, hurtful circumstances, past guilt, loss and everything else that would make a person give up.  The Bible calls these fiery darts of the devil.  That is why it is so very important to know your purpose and what God wants you to do with all that you have as well as what you have been through.

God does not want us just wondering around aimlessly not knowing why we are here, but rather He has a plan, and in that plan He is working all things together for our good according to His will, for those that are called according to His purpose.  What I am trying to say is that all the bad things are for a good reason if we do not give up and keep seeking to know what those reasons are.  Believe me, I have not liked nor have I enjoyed much of what I have gone through.  However, I thank God that all of it has brought me to the point of writing this book, hopefully saving or touching a life even if it is just one.  I know its all part of why I am here.  Now back to the story.

Copyright © 2014 by Shawna Mccallister, All rights reserved solely by the author.


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