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“The Disturbed” is thrilling, romantically sexy, and full of chilling suspense.
Derek has had a history of delusions, which have recently returned. After months of struggling, Derek’s friends are seriously wondering if he has gone completely mad. A man begins to follow Derek, but he can’t determine if this man is real, or one of his delusions. Derek plans to move to Alabama with his best friend Jazz, leaving the city life behind him, hopeful it will reduce his delusions, only to find he is still being followed.

After moving to Alabama, Derek resumes college life, begins seeing a new therapist, and gets a side job working at a gas station. Derek finds true love in Alabama, but it comes with a cost. He almost loses everything including his life but the one thing that remains strong is his true love. Though no one believes him but the girl he loves as he fights desperately to figure out what is true in his life. Looking into the face of terror, he learns to fight for what’s most important and what’s most in jeopardy. Will he conquer the hell that’s been unleashed in his life in order to get to the heavenly life he so longs for? Don’t you hate a tease? You must read the book to find out what happens…

Dare to read alone!

On a more serious note I wanted to mention some things that were heavy on my heart as I wrote this story, and still are. There are many individuals who struggle with mental disorders every day just like Derek. This book was based on a true delusion, and while many see those who have disorders as different or dangerous, this is not always the case, as you will find in Derek’s story. Managing disorders can be very difficult and can take a lot of love for the individuals who struggle with any type of mental disorder. Managing takes a lot of love from family and friends who may not understand what causes their underlining behaviors. Many struggle with depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorders, as well as anxiety, which I believe is the root cause of many of these disorders. It’s time to take the stigma off these disorders and for us to realize psychological disorders do not change who we are inside, nor what we can become, they are simply something we have to manage. Sometimes medications, therapy, and meditations can be a big help in doing so. Let’s face it; we all have had days that are bad or not so good. We all have been depressed at some point in our lifetimes, but that was not who we were, just how we felt, and oftentimes our experiences and circumstance play a role in this and our view of overcoming it.

Derek never gave up, not matter how hard shit got for him. All I’m saying is manage your disorders, but never let them define you; let them make you, as well as those around you, better and stronger. Remember this, you are not your disorder, it is only something you must learn to manage. There are resources at the end of this book, in the event you may need them or know someone who would. Enjoy reading.

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