“The Disturbed” is a suspense filled psychological thriller…

Based on a true delusion…

“The Disturbed” is thrilling, romantically sexy, and chillingly, terrifying.

Derek, has had a history of delusions, which have recently come back. After months of struggling Derek’s friends are seriously wondering if he has gone completely mad. A man starts to follow him, and he can’t figure out if this man is real or one of his delusions. Derek, plans to move to Alabama with his best-friend Jazz, leaving the city-life behind him, in hopes it will reduce his delusions, only to find he is still being followed. Derek finds true love in Alabama, but it comes with a cost. He ends up losing everything because no one believes him, but the girl he loves, while he tries to figure out what is true in his life. Looking into the face or horror, he learns to fight for what’s most important, and what’s most in jeopardy. Will he conquer the hell that’s been unleashed in his life to get to the heavenly life he so longs for?


Dare to read alone!


Shawna Mccallister

© 2017 by Shawna Mccallister, All rights reserved solely by Shawna Mccallister 

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