The town sheriff’s see me and immediately order me to get on the ground. I put my face on the ground, hands laid all the way out. I tried to tell them this was in self-defense and that this man had been following me for years had just tried to kill me. After going through my wallet for my license and any other information on me, they put me in handcuffs and pull me aside for questioning.

“Son, what’s your name?”

“Derek Holson sir”

“What happened here?”

“Someone tried to kill me sir, and I had no choice, I had to do all I could to protect myself. He hit me two times in the head. I was afraid for my life sir.”

“Is that why you are bleeding?”

“Yes, the first blow to my head came from the back and I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to hit me like that or at all. I almost blacked out, but somehow, I stayed awake and saw it was the same man who has been following me for a couple of years now. You can confirm all this with my therapist. I have been going to one for a while because of this.”

“Okay, wait here while I run your license.”

“Yes sir.” I sit there waiting nervously and wishing I had Lacy next to me or my Mom. God, I sure wanted to be home at that moment. A second officer came over and asked me about the incident and all that had happened all over again. I guess they wanted to make sure I had my story straight. I mean I did just kill a man, although it was all in self-defense.

They looked at me like I was full of shit, as if I was actually delusional. They sit me in the back of the police car while they check me out on their radio. I can hear them talking about what they see and what they thought about me. I heard one officer say:

“But there is no body. We can’t just keep him unless the owners of the property press charges if there is no body, we have to cite him, and let him go after the property owners are contacted and arrive. I mean it’s really up to them if they want to press charges or not. But we may want to put him on a psych-hold because he did cause harm to an individual’s property and obviously to himself.”

I am fucking thinking to myself there is no fucking body? Not that I am excited that there would be, but what the fuck, someone just tried to kill me, and there is no fucking body!




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