“Derek” has had struggles with his disorder throughout his young adult life. Derek keeps having delusions, and seeks his therapist for help. Derek tells his therapist he believes he is having bad delusions…but also states that some of the encounters seem so very real. The delusions continue to happen, and he starts to wonder if he is really being followed. After months of struggle Derek’s his friends are seriously wondering if he has gone completely mad, and start to become distant.

Derek and his friend Jazz decide to move to Alabama after consulting with his therapist, and his parents, they all think getting away from the city may help Derek with his anxiety, and stress, also assisting with the delusions.

After moving to Alabama, Derek starts back in college, seeing a different therapist, and even gets a side job working at a gas station. But after a while he feels to move-up into a daytime job that pays more. He gets a new job delivering hay bales. Derek goes to deliver some hay bales to a client a few miles away, and believes he is being followed again, but is trying to keep his life on track, so Derek tries to ignore it, turning the radio up. Don’t you hate a tease, must read the book to find out what happens…Dare you to read it alone!

Shawna Mccallister

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