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Mccallister releases new inspiring, thrilling and suspense-filled novel, The Disturbed

Booklovers are in for a treat this year with the release of the new psychological thriller, The Disturbed. This romantic thriller is based on a true delusion. The Disturbed is a thrilling, romantically sexy novel full of chilling suspense that will take you on a roller-coaster ride with the protagonist, Derek. Derek has a history of delusions, which he believes to have recently returned when he begins to be followed by a strange man.

Written by Shawna Mccallister, The Disturbed is a thrilling story anyone who is looking for a psychologically gripping tale is sure to love. It tells the story of Derek, who has just moved to Alabama with his best friend Jazz, hoping to escape from the man he who he believes is following him and the stress of the city life. After moving to Alabama, Derek resumes college, starts to see a new therapist, and gets a new job. However, Derek finds that despite the changes, he is still being followed. In a climactic moment, Derek clashes with his stalker in a near-death struggle, but when the police become involved they do not believe his story, leaving him alone to believe that his experiences are not real. Derek soon realizes that things still prove difficult and the changes he has made to better his future may a cost him to almost lose everything, even his life.

However, as his tribulations continue, he becomes more equipped to deal with them. He learns to fight for what is important. Readers will be left to ponder Derek’s decisions and wonder if he will be able to conquer the hell that has been unleashed upon his life, ultimately experiencing a disturbing and trilling story that brings with it inspiration and hope. This page-turner has been described as addictive. Once started, this book cannot be put down – but readers must be warned that they may not be able to read this gripping tale alone!

The inspiring and thrilling story is a must-read for anyone who loves psychological suspense, and anyone who may be going through a troubled time in their life. Just like Derek, readers will experience suspense, terror, and thrill, while learning to persevere despite the problems they may face in life. The author challenges readers who may be going through experiences that are similar to Derek’s to manage their own disorders and never allow themselves to be defined by them. Mccallister urges them to use their experiences to grow stronger, while remembering that they are not their disorders.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Shawna Mccallister uses her background in psychology to inform her books. Other books to her name include: Does Anyone Really Know Me?, Blinded by Love, and Never Ashamed Never Alone. She has also written two children’s books, Bean Learns How to Scoot Scoot: Learning Safety with Bean, and How Bean Learns Outlet and Plug Safety.

With her books, Mccallister aims to equip her readers with the tools necessary to overcome trials. She describes her materials as positive – the kind of literature that will bring readers enjoyment. In her writing she shares her own story, biblical inspiration, and step-by-step guide to daily life, designed to help troubled readers cope. A reviewer of Mccallister’s newly released novel said, “Her book shows there is a light at the end of the tunnel, regardless of how deep or dark it might be.”

Mccallister, plans to write more books in the future. She also has some children’s books out that can help children learn to be proactive when it comes to issues of safety.

In addition to her psychology-inspired works, Mccallister also enjoys writing in the areas of romance, poetry, short stories, fantasy, and self-help. She also has a strong desire to see her novels turned into films, something which she looks forward to fulfilling in the near future.

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