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In “Never Ashamed Never Alone,” I will share how important it is to love yourself, will teach you Cognitive Mirror Therapy, Tips that can help you live a happier, more stress free life. I also share tips on managing disorders and stressors that are present in our everyday lives. I share with you many things in this book that are very harsh and were deeply painful. Learning to love yourself is the first step of true deep-rooted healing and living a life without abusive cycles.

This is a book about what Cognitive Mirror Therapy is, and how to use it, learning the wisdom of deep healing, and how to love yourself the way God does. Understanding the need for deep-rooted healing is vital for stopping and preventing abusive cycles. Coming to terms with our own abuse, unhealed heart, soul, and mind so that we can be healed deep within, while giving us the ability to raise our own children so they too can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. My desire is to shade some light on overcoming overwhelming odds, my own techniques, which God has shown me for deep-rooted healing from abuse, and sharing with the hurting that you are not alone, nor do you have to be ashamed of who you are or what you have been through. I share what you can do with your children to edify, uplift, and build their confidence, so they too will be as ready as he can be to enter this world, which can be pretty evil at times.

When we are born we do not have the opportunity to choose who our parents are, who raises us, or even how we are raised. As children we go along with what we are told, adding some rebellion along the way especially in those teenage years. We may or may not know this, but many of our parents were abused when they were children, which can lead to our being abused as children and also us transferring that abusive behavior ourselves to our children, most of the time ignorantly and unintentionally. While growing up and throughout our lives we may experience extreme stressors and may have to navigate through some very difficult life events such as divorce, abuse, death of loved ones, job loss or illness, much of which may be very hard to adapt to or overcome. Abuse also is no respecter of persons, meaning it can happen to males and females as well as at any age.

Our abuse or disorders do not define who we are. They are merely things we have to manage or heal from but are not what makes us the precious person God has made us to be, although God will use all of it for His glory.

Please open your heart and mind as you read about some of my own experiences of abuse, my own self-abuse, and how God helped me truly understand deep healing, not just surface healing. Know that you too do not need to be ashamed and are never alone.

Shawna Mccallister

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