“The Disturbed” is thrilling, romantically sexy, and full of chilling suspense.

Derek has had a history of delusions, which have recently returned. After months of struggling, Derek’s friends are seriously wondering if he has gone completely mad. A man begins to follow Derek around, but he can’t determine if this man is real, or one of his delusions. Derek plans to move to Alabama with his best friend Jazz, leaving the city life behind him, hopeful it will reduce his delusions, only to find he is still being followed.

After moving to Alabama, Derek resumes college life, begins seeing a new therapist, and gets a side job working at a gas station. Derek finds true love in Alabama, but it comes with a cost. He ends up losing everything, and almost loses his life. Though no one believes him but the girl he loves as he fights desperately to figure out what is true in his life. Looking into the face of terror, he learns to fight for what’s most important and what’s most in jeopardy. Will he conquer the hell that’s been unleashed in his life in order to get to the heavenly life he so longs for? Don’t you hate a tease? You must read the book to find out what happens…

Dare to read alone!


He was tall and wore a black jacket when I saw him appear most of the time and a white flannel shirt underneath it. When I thought about the delusions I would wonder how the fuck he could breathe if he was real. He never spoke but would show up out of nowhere. If I was in the bathroom getting ready for school, I would look up to check my face for toothpaste and bam! There he was behind me in the fucking mirror! The faceless fuck, the jacket, the smirk. It was like I was seeing a ghostly mannequin with the outlines of a face, but no realness to it. All I could make out was the smirk, and the deep eyes, but all I saw in them was darkness. The darkness felt real, but I couldn’t tell if the evil eyes were part of this faceless fuck, or a complete delusion. When I went to turn around again after looking away there was no one there, but me. I always felt the hair on my neck stand up as if there was an eerie presence of something in the room, or wherever I was during the encounters.


There was this one particular night I had been out with friends and decided to walk home. It was a full moon night and the street lights were just coming on. As I walk down this lamp lit street alone I had a very eerie feeling, as if I was being watched or followed. Whenever I would struggle with anxiety or delusions I would always turn on my music to try and distract myself from what was really happening or how I was really feeling. But this particular night that didn’t work!


As I walked down the dark street a song came on that a friend had told me someone she knew had committed suicide to. Well that sure the hell didn’t help walking alone down this shitty street. Then all of a sudden in the middle of this song my iPod shut off. After that happened I began to walk a lot faster because I had no fucking distraction at all from what had just happened. My walk turned into a speed-walk now, I was so fucking spooked. I looked up, and could see the full moon right in front of me. It looked huge, as if the damn thing had grown as I walked. I stared at the moon hoping for some relief, but shit got worse. The street lights started to flicker, then I saw him. Hiding behind a bush he stuck his head out first, then his whole body. I crossed the street as my pace almost became a run. I could not help but look back, but tried to pretend as if I was looking for traffic, hoping he would think I hadn’t noticed him at all. He stood there a minute, then was gone. Then suddenly my iPod turned back on. The lights on the street stopped flickering as I came to the last block on the street which, seemed like forever. Well, after that night I started to see my therapist more often just to feel a bit okay and have some type of an outlet. I guess you can say it was kind of a breaking point, as far as making some much need changes in my life. When I tried to explain what had happened to my then girlfriend Becky, she straight out told me she was done hearing about my stories, stalkers and villains. I think she was cheating on me too because she had been acting different for a few weeks, I just could not put my finger on why. Needless to say, we broke-up but at the time for me it was kind of a relief. She was kind of a bitch anyway and never really seemed to care about the real me, nor was she supportive of me managing my issues. Becky, most of the time, complained about how I was not measuring up in one way or another. And her god-awful primping and perfume made me want to gag half the time because she about bathed in it.

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